About Us

CYCLONE-SEPARATOR.COM is a website owned and administered by Psutka International, Inc. an official agent of Nikuni Co., Ltd., located in Toronto Canada and dedicated to providing: 
  1. Sales and importation of fluid production equipment to pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemicals, wastewater treatment and other industries
  2. Strategic marketing consultation and sales development of Japanese businesses entering the North American market and vice versa  
The Psutka International Vision:
"To further societies through global innovation"
In 2005, Chris Psutka went to Japan with the mission of finding exciting innovation and technology to bring back home to the North American market; with a particular focus on reducing environmental footprint. To facilitate this mission he became proficient in the Japanese language and business culture, found engineering work at a visionary startup called Immatek Corporation, and took a role on that company's board of directors.

After over five years of developing cutting edge fluid processing equipment and building an extensive network across a great breadth of industries throughout Japan, Mr. Psutka returned to Canada and started an importing / consulting business to implement the marketing and sales phase of this mission.
Nikuni's VDF (Vortex Dynamic Filter) Cyclonic Separator is one of the outstanding devices Mr. Psutka found in Japan, falling within his vision of providing great value to clients by improving processes and saving costs all while reducing resource consumption and evironmental impact.

Taking a great interest in global businesses looking to connect with Japan and North America, Psutka International is always open to new ideas.
                    Our Partners and Sites:
Nikuni Co., Ltd.
843-5 Kuji, Takatsu-ku
Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa
JAPAN 213-0032
Nikuni provides specialty pumps and systems for wastewater, chilling, machining coolant filtration, and other fluid systems in a broad range of industries
Immatek Corporation
1-2-5 Irifune, Takaishi Building 2nd Floor
Chuo-ku, Tokyo
JAPAN 104-0042
Immatek provides clean fluid process equipment and solutions including valves and systems for pharmaceutical, food & beverage, semiconductors, cosmetics, and chemical industries  
DAF-PUMP.COM is site dedicated to providing information on and procurement support of Nikuni Co., Ltd's unparalleled KTM Series microbubble generating pump technology.